Oregon Box Lacrosse Mission

Oregon Box Lacrosse is here to grow the game of lacrosse through indoor (Box) lacrosse by bringing a competitive and affordable program that gives more kids the opportunity to play.

We believe that box lacrosse is the most efficient and beneficial way to develop a player’s skills.

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Why Box Lacrosse?

We believe in the box lacrosse game for better development of skills, so more kids can learn to love the game and choose to continue to play box, or step to field without having to play catch-up.

The game is fast paced — running clocks with 30-second shot clocks.

The ball is always in play — enclosed field and little to no stoppages.

Box Lacrosse develops advanced stick skills — tight moves in tight quarters.

Accuracy is mandatory — take dead aim on small goals filled with well-padded goalies.

It promotes proper defensive skills and positioning — stick checks are discouraged and ineffective.  “It’s all in the hips!”

Everyone gets to run the field and learn both offense and defense.

Teamwork is required at all times; there is no room for individual play.

Oregon Box Lacrosse

We will provide a program for kids with at every level to play and grow as athletes.

By playing box lacrosse, we keep the costs to play much lower, and with the focus on games versus practices.

Kids enjoy the sport without the pressure to perform. 

The speed of the box game also builds skills much faster than outdoor as touches on the ball increase 5 times or more per athlete.

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