Our Mission

Why Box Lacrosse?

We believe in the box lacrosse game for better development of skills, so more kids can learn to love the game and choose to continue to play box, or step to field without having to play catch-up.

The game is fast paced — running clocks with 30-second shot clocks.

The ball is always in play — enclosed field and little to no stoppages.

Box Lacrosse develops advanced stick skills — tight moves in tight quarters.

Accuracy is mandatory — take dead aim on small goals filled with well-padded goalies.

It promotes proper defensive skills and positioning — stick checks are discouraged and ineffective.  “It’s all in the hips!”

Everyone gets to run the field and learn both offense and defense.

Teamwork is required at all times; there is no room for individual play.

We want to get as many kids playing lacrosse as possible!!

Box is perfect for developing skills because of the boards. Balls stay in play and kids get so many more touches on the ball which in turn improves their skills. box also gives kids the opportunity to learn both offence and defense and not get forced into one position.

Play Box, Have Fun & Get Better!!

Play lacrosse the way the top players in the world do to get better. Oregon Box Lacrosse will be offering a fantastic opportunity for any player that wants to take their game to the next level!

By now everyone knows that box makes you better! By participating in our Box program every athlete is guaranteed to see a lot of action, get a great workout, increase their lacrosse IQ and improve their stick skills. This style of lacrosse is fast, intense and 100% Awesome!

What is Box Lacrosse?  Box Lacrosse is the indoor version of the game in lacrosse.  This version of lacrosse is incredibly popular with the men’s game specifically in Canada.  With the growing trend of Canadian players being recruited to NCAA programs- more men’s college coaches now having their American players participating in box training.  The strategy of Box Lacrosse is similar to that of basketball, with all five runners involved in the offense and the defense. Added to the appeal are the speed and excitement created by a 30 second shot clock. The combination of action and reaction makes Box as much fun to play as it is to watch.

Compact Space  Because Box Lacrosse is played on a smaller field, space is significantly reduced.  This ultimately speeds up the game and forces our players to make quicker decisions.  Ball handling skills are critical as there are limited moments to make accurate, crisp passes. Playing box lacrosse is the best way to build stick skills (for players at every position– attack, midfield, defense & goalie). It also teaches players to play better defense and to play with their feet!

Boards and Glass  A box lacrosse field is surrounded by boards and/or glass on all on sides.  The ball is always kept in play, which leads to more touches, reps and practice.

Shooting Accuracy  Box Lacrosse is played using a smaller goal. This goal only has four corners with netting. Shooting the ball into one of these four corners is only way to score in game. If you miss one of the four corners, the ball will simply pass through the cage, bounce off the wall and ball is still live. This is an incredible tool on teaching players how to shoot accurately and become better finishers.

Lax IQ What separates the best lacrosse players from the rest, is understanding the two-man game.  One of the staples of box lacrosse is the pick and roll both on and off ball.  Players will work on these concepts over and over which will teach an extremely high level of reading the defense.

If you watch any NCAA game on TV these days, you heard an announcer comment on how playing box lacrosse is so beneficial.  Now it is your turn to do what the top players in the country have been doing for years!

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